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[Shirley & Joe Perkins, Owners]

About the owner: We have been going to Daytona Beach for over 30 years and love being there. Our dream was to have a home there one day.


We have a grown son with 3 daughters, (2 whom are married and have children), 3 great grandchildren, we also have a daughter with a step daughter & son plus two young daughters and a younger son, last but not least we have our youngest daughter.


We all love the beach and to us Daytona is our 'Heaven on Earth.' We work 6 days a week and come here to spend time as a family, relax and enjoy the ocean.


Why this property? The St Maarten is in a great location for families. It is away from the busy boardwalk but close enough to visit. Our condos are big, roomy and feel like you are at the beach. We strive to make them a home away from home for our family and yours.


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